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Animal Care

Protein sources, Feed additives,Farm hygiene, Animal health

Animal Care

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GLUTACHEM Sanitiser is a liquid glutaraldehyde based sanitiser for use in the poultry and other related industries.Used in conjunction with Glutaplus, Glutachem Sanitiser is rapidly biocidal against all organisms of concern in the poultry industry. Surfactant package allows penetration of residual thin organic films and porous surfaces.
GLUTAPLUS is a Buffered solution reduces deterioration of sensitive surfaces such as galvanised equipment. Unique surfactant blend resulting in a stain free residual film which helps prevent strong adherence of dust and or organic material on ceiling surfaces. Registered for use in the poultry industry, APVMA approval number: 61656/25-200/0507
CIRCACID has its economical in use, it is fast & efficient with its cleaning action and suitable for use on 304 & 316 stainless steels. Classified Non Dangerous Goods and non hazardous in use. Safe on rubbers and cellulose cool cells. Suitable for use on a wide range ofvsoils and also suitable for use in hard water.
VIROGARD Sanitiser is a medium foaming sanitiser based on a blend of cationic surfactants for use in sanitising poultry housing, animal pens, and farm equipment. Powerful surfactant package results in rapid kill of broad spectrum of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, yeast, and mould. APVMA registered for use in the poultry industry.