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Packing Materials

Atmosphere control packaging, Packaging for liquids, Blister foils, Aluminium packaging

Packing Materials

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We have wide variety of shapes and specifications, tailored in detail to the customer requirement. We offer optimum conditions even for the most sensitive medicines as best packaging solution from an economic viewpoint.

EFFERVESCENT TUBE WITH SILICAL GEL provides anti-counterfeiting and sealing protection function, soak in water for 48 hours without moisture.

The spiral desiccant closures and caps or stoppers provide maximum protection while enhancing the shelf life of tablets. Our spiral desiccant closures come with an inbuilt tamper evident ring which can protect the integrity of your product while the spiral design of the cap helps in keeping the product in place during transportation. Desiccant incorporated directly into the closure to rapidly and thoroughly absorb moisture within the effervescent tablet tube thus extending shelf life and ensuring that your product quality remains intact. Our desiccant caps come with silica gel or molecular sieve or both to prevent from light, humidity and moisture.

NASAL SPRAY PUMP is a standard pumps with various shapes and sizes can match standard bottles easily. The product has following features:

  • - Precise dosage, excellent spray atomization.
  • - Univarsal and modular design, stable performance & anti clogging
  • - Fully physical & chemical validation, high level microbiological safety
  • - Screw-on, Snap-on, Crimp-on
Ingredients that provide environmental, social or economic benefits while contributing to protect public health and the environment over their whole life cycle.

COP (Cyclo Olefin Polymer) is the preferred packaging for advanced biopharmaceuticals

COP products have filled the domestic gap. The material has excellent physical and chemical stability, not only has high transparency, but does not peel off in compatibility tests with medicines, and does not change color after radiation.

It has excellent low protein adsorption and can replace glass bottle packaging. It can be sterilized at high temperature, and can also be used as a container for biological products and organic solutions that need to be frozen.