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CrestHarvest™ 588 is a specially developed organic chemistry to help control soil salinity and alkalinity. It functions to free up locked up calcium, magnesium and phosphorus to aid in the release of them as free nutrition into the surrounding soil. In tandem, it leaches out the sodium in the saline soil, effectively reducing the soil salinity. Overall, it also aids in reducing the alkalinity in alkaline soil.
Biomax Rapid Thermophilic Digestion Technology converts any organic waste into high quality organic fertilizer within 24 hours. It combines a specially designed Rapid Thermophilic Digestor and patented BM1 enzymes to break down organic waste into fertilizer rich in nutrients and high in organic matter. It is simple and easy to operate, requiring minimal manpower and maintenance.

SODIUM CYANIDE is used for extraction of gold, silver and other nonferrous metals from ores. It can also be used for electroplating and heat treatment of metals, for insecticides and fumigation and for organic synthesis in pharmaceuticals intermediates.