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Food Supplements & Nutrition

Antioxidants, Immune boosters, Amino acids, Sweeteners, Vitamins

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Food Supplements & Nutrition

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Cucurbita pepo Extract, titled in 15 % Lignans contributes to normal functionality of urinary system and to regress (stress and functional) urinary incontinence and degenerative related symptoms, caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia in men and by OAB (OverActive Bladder Syndrome)in women.
CITRUS MYRTIFOLIA EXTRACT (40% NARINGENIN) supports and increases immunitary-defense against oxidative stress of various origins and improves and protects cardiovascular system, acting on a metabolic parameters range. Furthermore it plays a role in mouth health, preventing and treating the most important oral disorders like dental caries, periodontitis and inflammation.
Laurus nobilis extract titlet in Diosgenin 40% is able to bring benefits during the menstrual cycle and also to contribute in part to its regularization. It helps counteract osteoporosis, inflammation and pain, weight pain, skin aging process and age-related ovarian dysfunction