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ALTAPYNE L-1A is a 100% biobased liquid pale tall oil fatty acid containing less than 1% rosin acids. It is used in applications where light color and low rosin acid content are critical. ALTAPYNE L-1A is an excellent raw material for dimers, alkyds, and epoxidized tallate esters. It can replace oleic acid in certain applications, such as liquid soaps, fatty alcohols, amides, nitriles, and formulations where a low titer, unsaturated fatty acid is required.
ALTAPYNETM M-38 is a medium-colored distilled tall oil product containing fatty acids and approximately 40% rosin. It offers economy and improved quality in fatty acid applications where higher rosin content enhances product performance such as metalworking fluids.
ALTAPYNE 1483 is a tall oil fatty acid containing a high percentage of C18 monounsaturated fatty acids. High oleic and eladic acid (C18:1) content allow it be used as a replacement for animal and vegetable derived oleic acid. It can be used as a versatile chemical intermediate or as an surfactant in soaps and detergents, textiles, flotation of ore, metal working fluids or other applications where its structure and hydrophilic/hydrophobic characteristics warrant. Specifications
ALTAPYNE 128 is a fatty acid product containing mainly palmitic, elaidic, stearic, and oleic acids. It is the distilled monomer acid stream resulting from dimer acid production. It is currently used to make amine condensates, esters, defoamers and blended fatty acid products.